Friday, January 3, 2014

Olive Grove Restaurant Victoria, BC Canada

Another great find thanks to  This restaurant has a very knowledgeable staff.  It has the atmosphere of a fancy restaurant, but it really wasn't very expensive.  Go on a Monday or Tuesday for their special "Pasta Night" where you can chose from a large variety of pasta for under $10.  Yes, they have GF rice noodles and can prepare most meals GF.

When we were seated, I informed my waiter I had Celiac.  He brought out bread for my family and I was pleasantly surprised that they brought out a small dish of hummus with GF crackers for me.  What a nice touch!  The waiter was very knowledgeable and a woman also came over to tell me which pizza toppings were GF.  Yes....they had GF pizza!

The first night we went, I ordered the Olive Grove Pasta (see menu below)  It was delicious & it was so nice to have a restaurant that I felt it was safe to eat & that my family could get the gluten foods they love.  My husband and youngest son got pasta also (pasta night!) and my 17 year old got a pizza.  Everyone gave their food a thumbs up.

We went back the next night and I ordered the house specialty.  Georges Lamb Kleftiko Style.  I have actually never tried lamb before, but the waiter made it sound delicious.  I also ordered a Greek salad. It was a very nice meal.  The meat just fell off the bone.

Overall it was an awesome experience.  The only drawback is when I ordered an appletini made with potato vodka.  The waiter assured me they had Russian vodka and surely it was potato.  I warned him most vodkas are made with grain.  He brought me a delicious looking martini, but came back a minute later (luckily before I tried it) and swiftly removed it from the table.   He had checked the label, which I greatly appreciate, and saw that it was made with grain.  He & another waiter checked all of the vodka bottles and all were grain.  He went out of his way to offer me selections of other grain free liquors & they even have a GF beer, but I passed.  Hopefully from this experience, they will now stock potato vodka.

Overall, the staff was very welcoming, the atmosphere was wonderful & the food was delicious.  I would highly recommend this restaurant.  Photos are: The menu, my appetizer, my pasta and my lamb dinner.

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  1. The food looks delicious, if you ever get a chance to visit Toronto, go to Sassafraz restaurant, their food is amazing and the guy Zoran Kocovski who runs it, is one of the most successful restaurateurs in Canada.