Saturday, December 28, 2013

Review Safeway brand Eating Right GF Deluxe Mac & Cheese

So, let me start by saying I am always thrilled to see new GF items. This box of Safeway Eating Right GF Deluxe Mac & Cheese was more expensive than Annie's brand in my Safeway store. I only bought this because it was on sale for $3.99 each. That being the box...this is what you get.

Pretty standard for a deluxe version. The macaroni noodles are a wee bit smaller than standard. That has no bearing on taste. 

Instruction state to boil the noodles 8-10 minutes. I boiled mine for about 9. Drain, return to pot, add cheese sauce and stir. 

It was really good. Computable to Annie's brand GF deluxe. 

You know me, I've got to doctor things up. I added A LOT of garlic and Italian seasoning. Perfecto. 

Bottom line, very good product. Comparable to what else is out there. However, this is what I would consider a generic brand. Therefore way overpriced. If this was say, $2.99, I would buy the shiznit out of this.  If it costs as much or more than a trusted brand like Annie's, I will buy the Annie's. Lower your price Safeway & you've got a winner. 

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