Sunday, June 23, 2013

Easy corndog muffins & cornbread/chili muffins

Still on a roll cooking. I did not make these GF, but they are easily adaptable at a higher price.

I made both batches at once using a 5 lb box if Keusteaz cornbread mix that was less than $5.00. I followed the directions and make the whole box of mix & 6 1/4 cups water. Then I divided the batter in half into two bowls. They carry the 5lb box at Costco, but I got it at Cash & Carry for much cheaper.

In 1 bowl, I added 1 1/2 packages cheap hotdog ($.99 a pack) We diced the hotdogs. Then I added about a cup of regular yellow mustard. Stir, fill muffin tin (I used papers) and cook on 400 for 20 minutes. Can't get any easier than that. 

This yielded 34 muffins. My kids are older, so 2 a meal, to be served with a 1 oz cup ketchup. Cost per muffin was under $ .13 each. 

Next we set about making the chili cornbread muffins. All we needed for these was the cornbread dough & 1 can Nalley cheese chili ($.99) 

Use a tablespoon, scoop a little cornbread batter in the muffin tin, add 1 TBSP chili, and top with more cornbread. They do expand a lot, so don't overfill.   Here is my 13 year old, Nolan, showing you what to do:

These also bake at 400 for 20 minutes. This yielded 30 muffins. Cost for these muffins were under $ .12 each. 

We will divide & freeze these also.  If you missed my previous post, check out the pizza muffins I made yesterday 

This was about 2/3 the muffins we did today.

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