Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Not so gluten free freezer burritos

Not all of my family is gluten free. I have a 21 year old & almost 14 year old at home. Today we made freezer breakfast burritos. You could do this GF at a higher expense. Lets break it down:

$4.99 40 tortillas Costco
$6.00 2 lbs hamburger seasoned (cheaper than pork) 
$3.60 2 dozen eggs Costco
$1.99 generic tater tots Safeway
$15.58 approx
Optional 1 cup ketchup & cheese
So basically 40 burritos at $ .41 each! Suck that McDonalds!  

So I threw the tots in the oven for 20 minutes. Meanwhile I browned the hamburger. Pork would be good as would bacon, but I have a ton of elk burger in the freezer, so CHEAP! I threw 2 dozen eggs in the blender (12 at a time) and put them in a big electric skillet. 

Season the meat how you want. I added granulated garlic, italian seasoning, seasoning salt, cayenne pepper & red pepper flakes because the boys like spicy! 

Find a huge bowl. I do love my Tupperware "that's a bowl" 42oz bowl. Anyway, put the tots in first, chop them with a spatula to make them into potato bits. Add eggs & meat. Stir and chop with a big spoon. I added a cup of ketchup (optional) 

Lay out the tortilla, add a scoop of mixture, sprinkle cheese (optional) roll it up & wrap in plastic wrap. We stored them in gallon zip bags. 

I will let you know the cooking time after we practice. I told the boys to unwrap the plastic, wrap in a paper towel & microwave 45 sec, flip & another 45 sec. I will let you know exactly in the next couple of days. Really if you consider a box of cereal at $4 each hold just 4-5 bowls, this is cheaper and healthier than Capt Crunch!

Laying in shell

Nolan, burrito master!

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