Monday, April 22, 2013

Burgerville' GF friendly menu items

Burgerville is a delicious burger chain in Oregon & Washington. It's quite a bit spendier than, say, McDonalds, but the food is a million times better!

One day as I was out & about, I was craving a milkshake and Burgerville makes pretty delicious shakes. I decided to look up their nutritional information online. They had a section specifically addressing GF issues.

The website also said that some locations have a GF bun. I decided to investigate further. I was happy that the girl I spoke with was fairly knowledgeable. I placed an order for the Pepper Bacon Burger gluten free. I asked and at my location, they have a separate fryer for just fries (no breaded items) However they did inform me that the fryers were right next to each other, so there could be cross contamination. I decided to go for it anyway. Be sure to ask at your location if they have desperate fryers.

I was given a container that was marked GF. Inside was the fixings for the burger and an individually wrapped Udi's GF bun. I love that it was sealed.

I built my burger and it was delicious!! I haven't had luck with GF buns, but this was big, fluffy & delicious. (I went back a couple of weeks later & the bun wasn't as fresh, but still not bad)

I also got the rosemary shoestring fries & they were tasty. I love that in the fall they have sweet potato fries!!

Their milkshakes are pretty amazing too. I love the Mocha Perk milkshake the best. Burgerville is known for having fresh local seasonal items on a regular basis. I would recommend checking it out!

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