Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Crave Bakery Lake Oswego, OR

Dedicated GF bakery who has won Cupcake Wars twice?? Without a GF category, just on taste?? Yes please!

My husband and I went for a taste test. It is a pretty small bakery front & had a little table that said "for wedding cake testing only" but my hubby and I used it to cupcake test.

They have daily specials, and when we came, it was a carrot cake with cream frosting or a St Germaine cupcake. The carrot cake was a little dry. I freaking love St Germaine Elderflower Liquor & the cupcake was beautiful with flower petals..but so so.

I ordered 8 "hot chocolate" cupcakes & 2 popular "birthday cake" cupcakes. When I picked them up later, I also bought 2 "piña coloda" cupcakes. They are $3.50 each so a dozen cost $42. That is a lot for cupcakes!!

However, these are pretty amazing cupcakes. I had 10 guests and all cupcakes were eaten. The Hot Chocolate were by the far, the most popular. No one cared that they are GF, just that they were delicious!!

I would highly recommend Crave. Later I will review the fresh made hamburger bins I bought there!!

Have sweet cupcake dreams!!

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