Monday, April 22, 2013

GF German cuisine at The Berlin Inn

I was craving cheese fondue the other day, which made me think of a popular local German restaurant that I have always loved.  I won't name names, but we loved it so much that is where we had our rehearsal dinner when my husband and I got married a million years ago.  I went on Google & Yelp, searching for GF reviews on the restaurant. There were a lot of iffy & negative reviews regarding GF, so I used my handy iPhone app, Find Me GF. After searching & googling reviews, I found The Berlin Inn in SE Portland (OR)

When we got to the restaurant, I was surprised to see that it was in a house. I worked through my apprehension & we went inside. It was pretty small, but everyone was friendly. The menu was HUGE and everything looked amazing. All of the GF items were well marked, plus they had a page that was "Gluten free at a glance" that made it even easier to find my choices. Our waitress was also GF, so she was helpful. We finally settled on our orders. 

We started with a Gouda cheese fondue. They brought out a big platter of brown & white New Cascadia bread cubes & apple slices. The fondue was good. It had a little thicker texture than I am used to but the Gouda has a nice smokey flavor. The fondue is thick & GF bread isn't the sturdiest, so I used a spoon to scoop the cheese onto my bread.  The bread was good though & had a better texture than most GF bread I have tried.  The plate was also sprinkled with a beautiful purple flower.  I meant to ask what kind of flower it was. 

I love schnitzel but it's breaded and I assumed it would be off limits. The Berlin Inn offers a GF schnitzel option. Usually it is served with spatzel, a pasta, and they do have a GF option, but I wanted to try something different. I had the warm red cabbage salad and potato pancakes.

The schnitzel was very good. It had a more crunchy crust than I was used to, but it was very. very good. The sauce that came with it was awesome! The red cabbage was delicious also. My husband was impressed with the perfection of the crispy potato pancakes. They were good, but next time I will definitely ask for sour cream to go with them.

They had 4 GF dessert options that night. I was very full from dinner, but who am I to pass up a GF dessert? I took two to go :-) 

The fist was the Chocolate Raspberry Rembrandt. It was delicious. 

The second was the Cashew Cream Cake. Equally as delicious. Not too sweet, but tasty all the same.

 Overall we really enjoyed the experience.  I am eager to go back & try new dishes.  My husband loved his dinner also. Plus our waitress told us a little secret about a plan for the restaurant that I was VERY excited about. I will update this post when they announce it officially! Follow The Berlin Inn on FB!  It is a small restaurant, so I recommend reservations on a weekend or holiday.  503-236-6761

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