Saturday, March 23, 2013

A little piece of Canadian heaven

So far, in the States, most GF bread products I have found are frozen. A store in Canada called Superstore had a variety of fresh GF products, including these chocolate chocolate chip muffins.

The brand is "The President's Choice" which is a Canadian company. Do they even have a President in Canada? I am so confused. All hail the queen!

Anywho, I had to try these muffins. My kids got to them first. Aaron, 17 & Nolan, 13 asked for one. They both loved them and didn't notice any difference. (please note this package originally had 6 muffins but they boys got to them before I could take a photo) A while later, I tried one. It was delicious! Taste wise & texture wise I noticed no difference than with wheat based baked goods. I may have to buy some more for to take home. They also had blueberry muffins & fresh bread. Yummers! I may have to move to Canada, eh!

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