Friday, March 29, 2013

Sassy's Family Restaurant in BC, Canada

I love breakfast food, however I am always worried about cross contamination. While searching my handy mobile page, I found a place called Sassy's. The page said they had GF options, so I called to ask questions. They assured me they were very informed about Celiac Disease & told me their website, so I could look at the menu. They had items marked with a (C) for celiac friendly!

We went to the restaurant & everyone was SO friendly. The place was really cute. I ordered a GF meal & also informed my server that I had Celiac. She said she would make sure no cross contamination occurred. They had a GF toast option and it was the best bread I've had. It was of a normal size & was white. Yum! They had peanutbutter and jelly on the table so I made myself a PB&J sandwich for later.

My non-celiac family loved the food too.  It's nice that I can find a place where we can compromise.

I highly recommend Sassy's! Gotta love a place that tells you what wine goes with eggs Benedict!

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