Saturday, March 30, 2013

New Season's GF tour

I went to a New Season's GF tour today & it was actually pretty fun! My husband went with me because he is awesome & I wanted him to learn more about GF food choices. We went to the store in Happy Valley, OR. It was pretty sweet because it was just me, my husband & 1 other person!

Our tour guide, who was one of the district nutritionists was pretty entertaining. She was very animated & literally bounced down the isles. It cracked me up. She was very very nice though. The tour was scheduled for 1.5 hours, but ours took 2, which wasn't a problem for us. It wasn't boring at all, she kept it interesting & opened a lot of products for us to try. She also was honest about what products were good & which weren't so great. I appreciate the honesty. Of course we did some shopping along the way.

My husband is apprehensive about any product that is altered in any way. He found he liked most of what we tried!

Being gluten free isn't cheap. And New Seasons probably isn't the cheapest place to shop (pre-packaged products were cheaper there than at Bob's Red Mill) You can't beat New Season's customer service. I've been in for just regular shopping trips & employees offer to open products for you to try all the time. BTW if it's your first visit to New Seasons, tell the checker. They give you $5 off!

The bonus to the tour was not only all the info and samples, but she have us a few 10% off coupons. Check the website of your local New Seasons and look at their calendar. They have several tours they do. They recommend calling and making a reservation just in case.

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