Sunday, March 17, 2013

Diary of a mad gluten free woman

Hi, my name is Jeny and I began my gluten free journey on 3/3/13 (2 weeks ago)  My story in a nutshell, is that 7 months ago I became very sick & was progressively getting worse.  At one point I had to take time off work and wasn't able to leave the house.  I honestly was not getting a lot of help from my doctors, but luckily I am a research geek & advocated for myself.

I went into see my doctor with a list of blood work I wanted done. One of those tests was for Celiac Disease.  I received a positive blood result, which was confirmed a few days later by a biopsy.  So I jumped head first into the Gluten Free (GF) world.  Luckily there are SO many GF resources online & I live in Portland, OR, which I have heard is one of the best cities to be gluten free.  We shall see!

When I went GF the results were immediate.  I had SO much energy, my "brain fog" was lifted, my tummy troubles disappeared, as well as the general feeling of just being ill.  I never want to look back.  

This blog is to document my accomplishments and failures as I learn to live GF. Also, my attempts at domesticity.  I've never been a enthusiastic or creative chef, but hopefully you CAN teach an old dog new tricks! Woof!  I will be reviewing GF items, posting recipes & sharing my experiences.  I am sure there will be a lot of growing pains for me going well as for my family.

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